Tanoshi Library - C++ Utility

Project: Tanoshi Library
Release Date: 2005/12/11
Version: 0.1.2
Licence: LGPL

Here is a list of things that this library will help you with

Little about this library

Tanoshi is a C++ API to deal with thread and network IO. This library focuses on multi-thread/process application use.


New version released. This version adds some major bug fixes (Please refer to the ChangeLog for more info). Should be backwards/binary compatible to version 0.1.0. Please let me know if it isn't.

New version released. This version adds UDP support and fixes many major bugs that was in 0.1.0. This version should still be binary compatible with 0.1.0 and does not require a recompile of any code using the previous version.


libtanoshi-0.1.2.tar.bz2 - md5sum: 8c2c7d6da37c37b9f2fd3d99d773771f


Documentation and add more comment into test programs.


These files should work find under Linux and MacOSX.

I used valgrin to debug this library. If this library crashes or valgrind spits out a error please let me know so I can fix this.

Development Version

You can also access the development version of this lib in subversion at the following url.



Akito Nozaki
Sip Voip: anozaki@tanoshi.net (Not setup yet)
Email: anozaki@tanoshi.net
Jabber: akito@andbit.net